ClassQuestion - Conduct class polls and send questions to students on any device, instantly get results
Send questions to phones, laptops, and tablets

Conduct class polls and instantly send questions to devices students already own: phones, tablets, and laptops!

ClassQuestion is free for both teachers and students!

Increase Class Participation
Test your students' understanding, get their opinion, spark debate on a topic!

Save Time
Have 5 minutes? That's all you'll need to start asking questions. ClassQuestion was built to be simple and easy to use.

Used by teachers around the world!

ClassQuestion allows you to quickly get live feedback from students by sending them questions and instantly getting a plot of the results.
How ClassQuestion works
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What part of the neuron receives neurotransmitters from other neurons?
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You and your students do not need to buy any expensive equipment or clickers, ClassQuestion works seamlessly on devices students already own - such as phones, tablets and laptops.

With a focus on being simple and easy to use, we guide you through asking questions in a matter of minutes. No software to install or equipment to configure.

Students get instant feedback, allowing them to track their progress
Get class feedback from students instantly
Save your questions, then instantly search and ask them in any of your classes
Store questions in folders to ask later
Get plots of student responses
Get a plot of polls you conduct in class
Keep track of student answers and points with an easy to use gradebook
ClassQuestion has an easy to use gradebook feature
Customize and export student scores and answers to your favorite spreadsheet program
Export student participation points and aswers to a spreadsheet

ClassQuestion was created by a teacher to provide a free alternative to other class polling and live question systems.

So, how does it work then? Our amazing members help to fund the site through their generous donations. Don't feel like donating? You don't have to! You and your students can always use the site for free!

Members who donate receive benefits such as fun reward icons for their students and the removal of a Google banner ad for their class.

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