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About Us

Sunny downtown Davis, CA
ClassQuestion was started by a graduate student in Davis California who was looking for a way to ask students real-time questions in class.

When looking, he was disappointed to find clicker systems and websites that were not only expensive for students, but also involved a lot of work to set up and use!

Feeling like there should be a better way for teachers to post real-time class questions, he decided to make his own website!

ClassQuestion was built to provide a fun and interesting way for teachers to interact with their class, with the overall goal of improving education rather than making a profit. This means we work to keep costs down in order to provide a free service for students and teachers.

This website was made by a teacher for teachers and students!

We want to build this website using your input, so we would love to hear from you! Create a free account by signing up on our homepage and then get in touch with us at: [email protected]